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 j o n a t h o n   a n d r e w   l a w r e n c e

 founding partner

Jonathon began the company fourteen years ago in order to have a greater impact on a client's dreams - his singular vision has resulted in ecstatic clients in dozens of personal residences. To him, architecture is a way of life, a matter of faith and of focus. Growing up drawing and building things, he has been in the field from day one. He currently leads the existential design work, only content when he is cutting his own path; personally building an award-winning modern house while running an influential design firm.  Jonathon is a LEED AP-Homes accredited professional and is currently editing a set of 5 books on a local artists' work while studying for The Architect Registration Exam toward licensure and registration.

He believes that there is no distinction between the origin of the landscape, the envelope and space of the house, and the interior expression - that it must come from one hand.