house R                             work done while at ELEMENTS

        This private house is sited at the edge of a dense New Traditional Town in the panhandle of Florida. It is a                             courtyard-typed house, which ensures that the house "wraps" itself around an open, interior private space. The                     orientation of the living areas are arranged around this courtyard in a unique fashion: the private spaces (bedrooms)             are predominantly located on the first floor to give the courtyard a greater meaning as a private space owner... the                 "public" spaces (kitchen, dining, living) are located on the second floor, to connect them to the views beyond and the             breezes at hand. Outside the living area, the surrounding open balcony effectively doubles its' size with an additional             shuttered balcony enclosing a galvanized circular stair. This rises up 20' to the crown: a widows walk perched over                 the roof that extends the view several miles South out into the gulf, and several miles North over the woods.