house G

Located in a more traditional urban setting, the plan of this house begins as a very stable twenty-four by forty-eight foot rectangle.  Imported as a basic massing strategy, these cubist volumetrics slip one distinct spatial construction next to, over, and through another.  Upon closer inspection one realizes that there are multiple readings available.  From here a tripartite system imposes itself: sliding, pulling, and exerting one part upon another both horizontally and vertically.  Resulting in a more complex section than the massing might seem to allow, this reading becomes more easily understood as the occupant spends more and more time discovering the nuances that this spatial system imparts.







              elevation - north


                                                 model view - looking south




              elevation - west






              elevation - south

                                                                                                           model view - from northeast






              elevation - east



                           plans - carraige house                                                 plans - main house